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Winters' bite is being well and truly felt. Rushing home at days end to a cold, dark home, is not what we want from our most treasured destination- dark doorways, darker hallways and cold surfaces can make for a miserable welcome. A fireplace is top of winter's wish-list, but arriving home to face coaxing those transformative flames into being, can be one mid-week chore too many. Central heating; at best a Bahamian dream, at worst; a patchy, temperamental disappointment. Do we sound despondent? Yes, winter has arrived.

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The good news is, there's more to warming our home than merely a heating source. Creating an atmosphere of warmth is vital when styling your home this winter. Visual and textural triggers that not only help you buy into the idea of coziness but genuinely adds levels of comfort and style to any abode. Even the most technologically advanced home can benefit from styling with this in mind, just because the thermometer is sitting at 22°C, doesn’t mean it feels that way.

Taking cues from fashion is where we begin. We're used to the seasonal rotation of our wardrobes; light dresses and sandals make way for coats and boots at summers' end. These automatic acts of organisation signify a new season and shifting priorities. It's time to approach our homes in the same way. As with winter clothing, it's all about layering and introducing soft textiles wherever possible!

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Light, soft-weave rugs are easy to store during warmer months. Place on timber or tiled floors under dining tables and beds.


On armchairs, sofas, outside too. Opt for quality knits.


Not only a warmer sleep, but the perfect way to add a layer of luxury to your bedroom.


A few extra cushions on your sofa makes all the difference.


With shorter days and longer nights, lighting is never more important. Achieve instant glow with a variety of light sources. Use warm globes, low voltage globes.

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